Our Committee
Ian “Arnie” Arnfield
Colin Hulme
Martin Byrne
                                The People The   real   driving   force   behind   the   club   is   founder   and   travel   secretary Arnie,   he   has   the   unenviable   task   of   organising   the   trips,   ordering   and picking    up    the    match    tickets    and    distributing    them,    as    well    as numerous other tasks within the club and going to the matches. He   is   ably   assisted   by   our   chairman   Colin,   who   is   there   to   help   Arnie and look after all the members and sort any problems that arise. The website and email contact list is looked after by Martin, who is also treasurer as well as chipping in with other tasks when needed. Rob    Stephenson,    the    membership    secretary    is    responsible    for    the membership register every year. Finally   the   other   members   of   the   committee,   Moon,   Ian   Martin   and Chris   Smale   all   generously   give   up   their   time   to   help   in   any   way needed, particularly on away trips and social events.
Our leader Penfold
Chris Smale  
Ian Martin
Ian McMahon
Rob Stephenson