Our Club
Our History   The   club   was   officially   founded   in   1999   by   Ian   "Arnie"   Arnfield,   prior   to   that,   Arnie   had   been   running   ad   hoc   away   trips   from   The   Sportsman's   Rest   Pub   in   Bredbury. Following   his   decision   to   form   an   official   club,   the   base   of   operations   became   Bredbury   Conservative   Club,   from   where   home   and   away   transport   was   organised.   In 2007 the club moved it's operations to the Crown Pub on Stockport Road, again in Bredbury, where we are based today.   The first Committee was formed in 1999 and since then the club has evolved and grown into the biggest travelling supporters club connected with Manchester City FC.   We   are   extremely   proud   of   the   way   the   club   has   flourished   over   the   last   20   years,   the   club   membership   has   grown   year   on   year   and   at   the   end   of   the   2018/19   season   it was in excess of 575. From the start of the 2009/10 season, we were very proud to became part of the MCFC Supporters Club (1949), commonly known as the OSC.
Our Aims The   club   was   formed   primarily   to   allow   the   city   fans   in   the   Bredbury,   Romiley   and   Woodley   areas   to   get   to   as   many   home   and   away   games   as   possible.   As   well   as   our core   area,   the   success   of   the   club   has   led   to   members   from   New   Mills,   Hyde,   Denton,   Reddish   and   numerous   other   local   surrounding   areas   as   well   as   members   in South Wales, Leicester, Edinburgh, West Kirby, Bedford and London. We also have members in Germany and the USA. Arnie arranges travel for all home games and all away games. For the home games we use an 80 seat double decker and further minibuses. For away games we use a minimum of one 57 seater coach. As   far   as   away   tickets   are   concerned,   Arnie   has   forged   an   excellent   relationship   with   the   City   ticket   office,   and   all   tickets   are   purchased   by   the   club   and   distributed   on   the day   of   the   match,   all   the   member   has   to   do   is   request   the   ticket   and   travel,   come   down   and   pay   on   the   Thursday   before   and   pick   up   the   ticket   on   match   day.   Arnie's   aim has always been to get everyone who want's to get to a match, there if possible, there have been very few instances when members have been disappointed. For every cup final since 2011 we have taken at least 10 coaches, over 500 fans to each match, both members and non-members. As well as the travel and ticket side, the club has developed a social side, social events are organised by the social commitee.