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How to join us Members   have   received   details   of   the   2017/18   membership   changes,   instructions   on   new   information required   to   join/rejoin   this   year.   Details   of   membership   meetings   can   be   found   on   the   home   page.   The revised form and changes and instructions are below:
Subscriptions The 2017/18 (last year) subscription amounts were frozen again this year and are as follows: Family membership £20.00 Adult single membership £15.00 Young Adult single membership (18-21) £10.00 Junior (17 & under) & OAP (Over 60) £  7.50
Questions and enquiries Please   use   the   enquiries   e-mail   link   on   the   contact   and   find   us    page   with   any   questions   or   queries concerning the membership process.
2017/18 membership notes 2017/18 membership notes 2017/18 membership form 2017/18 membership form