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How to join us Following   a   proposal   at   the   2018   AGM   there   has   been   a   change   to   criteria   for   membership   to   the   club. From   the   2018/19   season.   Current   members   are   welcome   to   renew   but   new   members   will   now   only   be accepted if proposed by an existing member or he/she has been a member previously. Due   to   the   change   above   there   is   a   revision   to   the   form   and   notes.   All   individuals   must   be   shown   as   a renewal,   proposed   new   member   or   previous   member.   All   applications   will   be   cross   checked   against   our database. Please   do   not   apply   if   you   do   not   fall   under   the   criteria   above.   We   will   not   accept   partially completed or incorrect forms. PLEASE READ THE NOTES CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETION. Copies of the membership form and notes are now available here:
Subscriptions The 2018/19 subscription amounts are below, frozen again as confirmed at the AGM. Family membership £20.00 Adult single membership £15.00 Young Adult single membership (18-21) £10.00 Junior (17 & under) & OAP (Over 60) £  7.50
Questions and enquiries Please   use   the   enquiries   e-mail   link   on   the   contact   and   find   us    page   with   any   questions   or   queries concerning the membership process.
2018/19 membership notes 2018/19 membership notes 2018/19 membership form 2018/19 membership form