FC Schalke 04 - Champions League Wednesday 20 February 2018 ko 20:00pm (GMT)                  Date confirmed Yes Methods to book:  Overnight - SOLD OUT  Day Trip - SOLD OUT Overnight Trip (ex Ticket) £305.00 Day Trip (ex Ticket) £259.00 Trip documents to be picked up and balances to be paid on Thursday 14 February 2019. Last updated 09/02/19.
              Chelsea - Carabou Cup Final          Sunday 24 February 2019 ko 16:30pm                    Credit card details below Date confirmed Yes Methods to book: SOLD OUT Most tickets are £72.00, we will confirm your price when the balance is paid on collection. Travel only - members Overnight       £100.00 Adult £ 34.00 Over 65 £ 30.00 U17 £ 26.00 Travel only - members guests only Adult £ 36.00 Over 65 £ 32.00 U17 £ 28.00 Please be at the Crown for 10.15am on Saturday 23 February 2019 for the overnight trip. Please be at the Crown no later than 7.30am, the pub will open at 6.30am the buses will leave the depot at 7.15am on Sunday 24 February 2019 for the day trip. The dates where payments and collections can be made can be found on the home page and in the recent email. To be paid by TUESDAY 19/02/19
              Newport  Away - FA Cup    Saturday 16 February 2019 ko 17:30pm                 Credit card details below Date confirmed Yes Methods to book: Matchday Text Thursday Night Prices for non credit card Trip/Coach only Adult £ 54.00 / £28.00 OAP £ 46.00 / £25.00 Under 16 £ 36.00 / £21.00 To be paid by Thursday 14 February 2019. Please be at the Crown no later than 10:00am, The Crown will be open from 09:00am and the buses will leave the depot at 09:45am. Last updated 12/02/19.
Chelsea Carabao Cup
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Away Games Any   travel   enquiries   by   non   or   perspective   members   should   be   by   text   on   the   club   mobile,   the   details   can   all   be   found   on   the      contact   and   find   us    page.   Bookings   will   also   be   taken on Thursday nights when members of the committee will normally be in the Pub, and at the meetings, as well as on matchdays when Arnie has his book.   Payments by Credit Card We   are   now   offering   members   the   option   to   pay   for   tickets   by   their   paypal   account   or   debit/credit   card.   Please   use   the   add   to   cart   buttons   to   purchase   the   travel   you   require.   The facility   below   is   not   a   booking   facility   it   is   purely   a   payment   facility.   Do   not   use   it   if   you   have   not   confirmed   your   travel   with   us.   Members   should   only   pay   for   tickets this way when the place on the trip has been confirmed. When   you   have   arrived   at   the   checkout   please   ensure   you   list   those   travelling   (particularly   when   paying   for   multiple   people   travelling   with   us)   to   allow   us   to   update   our   records. This method will only be available on certain games. We   have   to   charge   a   %   booking   fee   for   this   type   of   payment   which   is   simply   to   recover   some   of   the   charges   from   the   facility   provider.      If   members   wish   to   pay   by   bank transfer,   which   is   charge   free,   details   of   how   to   do   this   can   be   found   in   the   members   area   of   the   site.   ENSURE   THE   REFERENCE   ON   YOUR   TRANSFER   INCLUDES YOUR NAME OR YOUR PAYMENT MAY NOT BE ALLOCATED CORRECTLY.
Schalke Itinerary Schalke Itinerary
Newport Away FA Cup 5th Round